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Richard Henson 

Standing in Berry Hill 

My Story

Richard is 69 and has been resident in the Forest since 2013.  

Since retiring from teaching, he has continued to offer private tuition and has been active in the local community including being a parish councillor in Newland parish.


In the last 5 years he has become more and more aware of the threat of climate change and has been very active locally in trying to raise awareness and focus attention on what can be done.


Richard is a passionate supporter of zero waste and a non-polluted environment. He is active in supporting local initiatives to expand locally produced food, increase road safety in local villages and towns, promote more cycling infrastructure and develop more re-use, repair and recycle facilities.

He firmly believes radical changes have to be made to create a fairer housing market and the realisation of good quality, affordable housing developments.


Richard is a supporter of greater participation in local democracy so that local people have more opportunities to be involved in what happens in their communities.

He has been a Green Party member since 2016

News from Richard 

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