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Sid Phelps 


My Story

As District Councillor for Lydbrook, Sid has raised issues that are important to his ward — successfully pushing for the opening of the footpath across Black Bridge, the introduction of beavers to alleviate the flood risk to Lydbrook, questioning the lack of affordable housing provision in new housing developments and Road Safety at Worrall Hill.

Since being elected in a by-election in February 2017, Sid has certainly left his mark on the FoDDC. A motion on Transparency & Openness has resulted in just that, with the default position being all meetings being open to the public unless there is a good reason not to. Also Council meetings are now live-streamed. Further motions on Affordable Housing, Viability Assessments (used for developers to default on obligations) and Empty Homes – shows that the Greens are as passionately concerned about people and society as they are about the environment.

Sid was born in a military hospital in West Germany and settled in the family homestead at Worrall Hill as an infant where he was raised. He left the Forest in the early 1980s to go to university and came home in 2012 after raising a family and having a successful career in environmental regulation and pollution control.

Sid had 4 years experience as an Oxford City Councillor before being elected to the Forest of Dean District council in a by-election in February 2017. Since then, he has certainly made his mark on issues affecting Lydbrook and the wider district. Sid is looking forward to further greening the district council especially on issues of Social Justice and trying to mitigate against the almost inevitable fallout from Climate Chaos.

News From Sid

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