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DAVE Tradgett 

Longhope & Churcham

My Story

I first heard about 'Silent Spring' in the 1960s and about acid rain and global warming in the 1970s. I have lived in hope that governments would recognise the threat and do something about it. That was over 40 years ago and we are still waiting.

We all know the future for our children and grandchildren is becoming more uncertain. I think many people recognise that biodiversity is under threat and that this threatens human existence. Clearly the Green vote here shows that voters know that we must take a different direction.

I worked in social care for over 30 years. Since retiring I have been part of the Longhope Flood Action group; community workshop; I've been developing wild flower areas.

I wanted to be one of the many new Green Party district councillors, so that between us we could lend more weight to the things we can do here in the Forest of Dean to make a difference to that future.

I want to see housing developments that are planned carefully for people who really need it; nature as a part of our community scene; better opportunities to walk or cycle safely.

I want people to have the chance to make their lives and the lives of others safer, richer and more sustainable. I want local people to have a voice in how we achieve these things. I believe in the power of people working together to strengthen communities and build the resilience that is needed now and inceasingly in the future.

News from DAVE

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