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Andrew McDermid

Lydney East 

My Story

We live in a world of inequality, injustice and untrammelled corporate greed which disdains cause and effect. There is no point in dwelling on this as that gets us nowhere.


However if we work together with others in our own neighbourhoods, this can get us somewhere. Looking at the rapidly growing urban sprawl in Lydney and towns like it, it’s fair to wonder why there is no provision made on new estates for things like doctor’s surgeries, primary schools and other amenities nearby so that you have to drive in your car, whether you want to or not, even to get to a shop.


The top priority on my wish list would therefore be such amenities to be inbuilt alongside new houses plus public transport which is cheap and available.

Let’s also give wildlife an even break. It is said we are now in the “anthropecene” era, by which I mean a new geological age in which the impact of human activity on the environment for the first time ever is condemning animal life to mass extinction and altering the climate in an unstoppable, and not good, way.


Over the past 30 years I have been able to see such species as cuckoos, greenfinches, hedgehogs and glow-worms just by looking from or in my back garden. But these are now gone and they will not be coming back. We need to treasure and protect our public green spaces in the Forest of Dean.


My view on the matter of Cannop Ponds is that once they are made safe, they should be restored just the same as they are now as they are part of its very identity and enjoyed by its people. They are also reservoirs and we can no longer assume that natural resources such as clean water on tap, can always continue to be taken for granted. They are also a pretty good wildlife haven as they are.

If I am elected I will work with my Green party colleagues to improve life for residents by striving to deliver cleaner air, public spaces and streets.


I will work to build more opportunities for public transport and active travel. I will work towards delivering improved facilities and methods for waste disposal, recycling and management.

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