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Dave Tragget 

Standing in Hartpury & Redmarley 

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My Story

David Gregory has lived in Newent for eight years, having lived in other areas of Gloucestershire prior to moving to the Forest of Dean.


David has a young family with three children (1, 4 & 7) and whilst he knows it sounds cheesy, his main reason for becoming more involved in local politics is with his family in mind.


David and his partner, Victoria, have always been very conscious of their environmental impact. In an effort to try and limit their own footprint they have an oversized solar photovoltaic array, coupled with a home battery storage system and an electric car, which had already done 100,000 miles prior to them buying the vehicle.   

Professionally, David is a small business owner and has been running his own Architectural Design and Building Surveying practice for the last 14 years and through this he tries to advise clients of changes that they may be able to make to reduce their energy usage. This includes helping people understand different technologies that they may otherwise have not come across. 

David is keen to build a house by himself to meet the ‘Passive House’ standards, meaning that very little heat would be needed (sometimes no heat is needed at all) in order to make the house comfortable year round.

David has been a volunteer for the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust for a number of years by assisting with the technical drawings. Having recently obtained permission for a 600m stretch of canal in Malswick (near Newent), the works for this are currently underway on site.

David is also a volunteer speaker for WaterAid and gives talks to interested groups.

Hobbies have been many and varied, ranging from working on classic cars to designing and installing his own central heating and electrical systems, so at the more involved end of the ‘DIY spectrum’. At the moment he is part way through insulating a garden building (that was due to be thrown out) using natural cork insulation.

News from DAVID 

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