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john turvill

Standing in Hartpury & Redmarley

My Story

John has lived in Redmarley for the last 15 years at the farm which he and his wife own and has run since 1989.

He started his career after college as a dairy farmer in Herefordshire and subsequently Gloucestershire.

He changed farming practice 30 years ago after health concerns and diversified his activities and interests. His business interests are in renewable energy development and commercial property. Previously he provided the Green Gas lead with Ecotricity.

His education and experience in business and as farmer enables him to identify the need to protect the environment.  He has a lot to say about renewable energy and climate change and feels that his membership of the Green Party and achievements at local level are where the national repair starts.  But importantly he thinks local and is driven to support community strength and feels that locally there are economic shortfalls forcing residents to be serviced from outside the community.


The issues facing us locally are diminished and disappearing services, Community shops and servicing public transport are important to him. 

He believes that local support for these services should be through community strength building with public investment to make sure that all can shop locally and save on their carbon footprints. 

His mission will be to support the rural population and steer the district into better decisions and management.

News from John 

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