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Cannop Ponds - Position Statement

The Forest of Dean Green Party and its councillors are fiercely independent. As a party we do not play party politics or use key local issues for narrow political gains. The Forest is too important for that type of behaviour.

The Green Party is different from other parties. We support the democratic right for each person to express themselves freely and to build consensus between us. Our councillors are not whipped like other parties but work together with common aims and guiding principles.

All our councillors voted in support of the Forest of Dean District Council's motion last October, a motion that 'took the position that all efforts should be made by FE to retain the Cannop Ponds in their current state and that the reservoir's dams are repaired to the standard required to maintain and ensure their safety'.

Misinformation being spread about our councillors' views is a serious misrepresentation of the case and not helpful to the wider cause. The issue of Cannop Ponds is so important to local people and it should not be turned into a political point-scoring exercise just because there are local elections coming up. Instead, we should all be working together without rancour towards the best solution.

We all love Cannop Ponds and want the best solution to keep the beauty and heritage of the area. We are part of the community and listen to all views and it is clear that maintaining the ponds is important to us all.

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