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One year and 8 months since it was set up, the Inquiry report is finally been being presented to the Scrutiny committee: to view click here

The Forest of Dean District Council Strategic Overview and Scrutiny Committee met in July 2021, following a request from the Leader of the Council. The request was to conduct a full and public review into the policies surrounding the Cinderford Northern Quarter. The intention was for the results to be shared with the Cabinet for the purpose of integrating them into the new Local Plan process.

Presentations were heard mainly at evidence gathering sessions in November 2021, although followed by four further evidence gathering sessions in the Spring of 2022, and concluding in June 2022. A public Strategic Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting will take place at 6pm on Tuesday 7th March to consider the report being put forward. The public can attend this meeting, or hopefully be able to watch it on the Council website if the webcasting is functioning.

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