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Creating social capital

I attended the launch and official thank you of the Brockweir Play area committee next to the village shop yesterday. I did so having used part of my Build Back Better fund to support this project.

The BBB fund is given to all County Councillors to help communities recover from covid. This application was for no ordinary playground however. What appealed to me was the social capital that is created as people come together and build relationships whilst watching their children play. Not only is it good for the parents, but having a refreshment service overlooking the play area, means that the shop benefits from the income for coffees and teas. Our Ukrainian friends can also come together to enjoy this community asset.

I thank the play area committee for all their hard work in getting this project ‘over the line’ and for including a maintenance budget and leaving the side areas to ‘go wild’ for biodiversity.

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Richard Burton
Richard Burton
Oct 16, 2022

Looks great, and so useful for the local community, well done Chris. A good example of local councillors doing things local people want.

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