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forest greens vote unanimously for chris mcfarling as parliamentary candidate

The Forest of Dean Green Party has unanimously selected Chris McFarling as its parliamentary candidate in the next General Election.

Chris says 'I am delighted and frankly honoured by the support I have received from Green party members. I can’t wait for the opportunity to show the electorate that we Greens do politics differently. We are hard-working and honest in our approach and we really care. We are the only party serious about fighting climate change and the loss of our beautiful wildlife but that doesn’t mean we are a single-issue party. Far from it, as many residents know from the work Green councillors do in our local communities, we cooperate with others to get the job done'.

Chris will be known to many in the Forest as their first Green councillor. Since he was elected in the St. Briavels ward in 2015, he has continued to serve in public office at parish, district and county level to represent the people he serves whatever their background or political allegiance. As the proposer of the declaration of a climate emergency, Chris understands full well the predicament we are in. As a naturalist by vocation, he brings an incredible world experience to government if elected.

As Chris says 'For me, people and planet come first and I am grateful to the thousands who voted for me at the last General Election. More and more people are fed up with the traditional parties and their infighting, whilst Greens increasingly stand out as supporting the common good. The Forest of Dean Green Party will soon reveal its inspiring local manifesto for a positive change. Please vote Green whenever the opportunity arises'.

Chris can be contacted at

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