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GREEN Candidates FIGHT FOR Cannop Ponds

Dr Stephen Yeates, Green Candidate for Berry Hill, has been quietly fighting for the preservation of Cannop Ponds in the background for some months and taken real steps to save the Ponds,

Read his open letter;

For those of you considering the future of Cannop Ponds, you might be interested to read about my recent experience with Historic England. I am a qualified and experienced heritage professional and passionate about conserving the heritage of the Forest of Dean.

Last summer I was alarmed by Forestry England‘s announcement that the Cannop Ponds dams may possibly be removed.

Trying to ensure their preservation I put the Cannop dams forward to be listed or scheduled. I argued that the heritage of coal, iron and timber industries in the Statutory Forest of the Forest of Dean represents a unique national asset. If accepted, my submission would protect the Ponds.

However, the case was rejected. The reason given was that the land is not in a Conservation Area.

With every good reason, I challenged the findings of the Historic England Report and resubmitted the case on 1st January 2023. I'm still waiting for a response.

I will not give up trying to protect the Cannop Ponds dams and our Forest heritage.

Though this issue immediately concerns the future of the Ponds, there are longer term considerations which may influence how in the future we care for our heritage and the built and natural environment of the Forest.

Dr Stephen Yeates, MA, D.Phil, MCIfA

Member of Common Room Wolfson College, Oxford

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