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Imagining Alternatives

Green Councillor Chris McFarling finds the lack of progress in reducing our

carbon emissions to prevent catastrophic climate chaos, can be

disturbing to some. “The current government appears to lack the imagination

needed to grow a greener economy whilst protecting the natural

environment and making the climate safer for our children.”

At a recent Zoom presentation, organised by Councillor Jackie Dale, local

Green Party members and supporters were enthused by Rob Hopkins, the

founder and figurehead of the Transition movement. He emphasized the

need to be creative and imagine the future, and not to get caught up by

barriers and negative thinking.

In his book From What Is to What If: Unleashing the Power of Imagination

to Create the Future We Want, Hopkins explores what we must do to

revive our collective imagination. If we can rekindle that precious creative

spark whole societies and cultures can change rapidly, dramatically and

unexpectedly for the better.

Adrienne Buller in her book The Value of a Whale (Manchester University

Press, 2022) defines this clash of cultures and, like Hopkins, appeals to our


For as long as the climate and nature crises have featured

on the political agenda, a fixation with markets and narrow economic

priorities has shaped not only how those in positions of power –

governments, policymakers, even prominent NGOs – respond to them,

but the very way they (and many of us) engage with and conceive of

them. In doing so, this tunnel vision has diminished our collective ability

to imagine alternatives.”

If you want some new, alternative and exciting thinking, join our local

Green Party. We imagine, believe in and work for a fairer, greener Forest

of Dean.

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