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The importance of Scrutiny

Yesterday Gloucestershire County Council offered training to all elected members on effective scrutiny. We are elected to represent service users, ie all of society, and one way we do this is to make sure that public services, funded by taxes, are delivered and to ensure that intended outcomes are achieved. We are not experts in the fields we scrutinise, we read reports written by professionals and need to be assured rather than reassured that the service is being run well. How do we find assurance? We need to talk to people that use the services that are outside our own lived experience and to those on the ground working in the different professions. This is how we can prevent disasters such as Grenfell Tower. As Greens we can see the potential for social and environmental disasters as well as the hope for a future that is fair for all and doesn't cost the earth. Scrutiny from opposition, done well, will hold officers and politicians in a position to set strategy, to account. Greens in the room change the conversation. The training was poorly attended but Greens were there to learn.

Truss said she is for Growth Growth Growth yesterday in her speech, unfortunately she is talking about a very narrow growth, economic growth rather than growth of rights for the planet, and equality. We need the green voice in the room, please consider if you can stand for election. Act now for the future.

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