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Rachel Lane 

Standing in Coleford  

My Story

I have lived in the Forest of Dean for 11 years. It is where I have chosen to live, to work, to raise my children and to be part of the community. And now, it is where I choose to stand for election, to represent this community at district level.


Working in a primary school, and as a mother to four young children, I am acutely aware of the challenges we face, and this drives my desire to do all we can to ensure that our young people inherit a better world.  


I believe in a fairer, greener, and safer society, where public transport is reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly; where our power comes from renewable sources, and where our towns and villages, rivers, and even the air we breathe, are clean, safe, and a source of collective pride. 


I am hopeful that the people of the Forest of Dean share my vision for a brighter, more tolerant and equitable future, where everyone is represented and heard. I believe that a vote for the Green Party is the way to achieve this. If elected, I will do my best to build that future with you. 


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